Portugal every year becoming more popular destination for weddings. You can find here a lot of different venues for your wedding.

There are many royal palaces, surrounded by a variety of growth from around the world.
One of the most famous royal cities is Sintra, which is included in the UNESCO because of the big number of architectural monuments, as well as its unique mild microclimate. This city is number 1 in choose of for weddings. Also Portugal is a country of beaches - 700km of beaches - bigs and smalls, public, private and intimate. The most famous region of beaches in Portugal is Algarve - warm water, soft wind and blue water - is a perfect scenario for your wedding.

Wedding Locations in Portugal

Monserrate Palace   

    Montserrat Palace is located near Lisbon, surrounded by a beautiful park. The palace park was given special attention - rare plants were brought to the estate from around the world. Ancient trees, ponds, several themed gardens and mysterious dilapidated buildings - all that creates an inimitable surroundings for wedding ceremony....

At the beach

    Do you dream to say "Yes, I do" on the beach where the sand, Ocean and sky will be your witnesses? Your dream can come true in Portugal.

    The country that has 700 km of beaches - big and small, private and public, intimate and with the big cliffs. Contact us and we will offer to you the perfect beach for your wedding....

Hotel in Ericeira

    All brides dream that their wedding will be  the most beautiful and unique! The ideal option for a celebration could be organizing a wedding at the hotel with stunning view all over the Ocean.

    Portugal is increasingly gaining popularity among foreign couples and tourists - it is located on the very edge of Europe.... 

Bussaco Palace    

    Is it your dream for your wedding become unforgettable and beautiful for you and your guests? - If so, hold a wedding celebration in one of the most romantic places in Portugal - in the castle of Bussaco!

    This is a unique place for exclusive celebrations! It was a Castle of the last Portuguese kings...



The Castle of Palmela

The Castle includes cloisters that were constructed in XII century. 
This place offers an elegant restaurant where you can enjoy a variety of local dishes paired with beautiful local wine. Who wants the place with History and Beautiful view should choose this Castle for their wedding...



Paços do Concelho de Lisboa

    The Lisbon City Hall is the seat of the Lisbon municipal government. The building is located in the City Square, Santa Maria Maior, Lisbon. 
    It is so famous and beautiful place that here important international meetings are held - with Pope Francis, President of France and presidents of another countries.